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    Birthbound offers the perspectives of doulas, midwives and nurses who are also professional birth photographers. Their experience on both sides of the lens is invaluable in navigating the birth space as an artist. With our classes on labor progression and loss, and printable reference materials of important birth terms and scenarios, both experienced and new birth photographers will benefit and grow.


    Learn how to set up and run a successful business from industry leaders who believe in working smarter, not harder. Classes on building a solid website, profitability, IPS, marketing, SEO and self worth will shape up your image and brand, helping you achieve greater work/life balance and more confidence in your ability to prosper.


    Our photography instructors have years of experience documenting birth. Their work reflects top level skills and artistry. We cover topics like storytelling, breaking the rules, improving your workflow, understanding light, using flash, nurturing your creativity and anticipating authentic moments. We even have a class for newborn photographers hoping to add more documentary sessions to their services.


    Birth photographers wear many hats. Our work raises awareness and empowers mothers, but it also takes a toll on us mentally, physically and emotionally. This community provides insights on how to refuel, process and practice mindfulness with a focus on self care and self love. We also offer courses on building a community, supporting and encouraging your peers, and creating a stronger professional network.

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